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Don't struggle setting up and learning ActiveCampaign. Let me help you get right to loving it.

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August 24th 2pm ET/11am PT


simple activecampaign set-up

Simple ActiveCampaign Set-up Course

Sign up for ActiveCampaign and get it working FOR YOUR BIZ!

If you need personalized help, I've got just the offer for you. Grab some of my time and we'll set up your account together.

Video 1: Welcome & AC Language

If you haven't signed up for ActiveCampaign yet, head on over to create an account. It's much more affordable than you might think.

Video 2: Lists

Lists and why I have just one...yeah yeah, I know there are 4 in that picture. Listen in lol

Video 3: Tags

Big take-away: start with a system. I use [Interest] for clicks in emails that they may want more info on, [LM] for lead magent, and [Product] for anything that has gone through payment process.

Video 4: Templates

If you are hosting a challenge or event, it's awesome to create a template specific for that event that has that branding. You'll look like such a pro!

Video 5: Campaigns

Time for connecting!

Video 6: Automations

The part that blew my mind about AC...and is now so very simple.

Video 7: Forms

I walk you through using the form in AC and adding it to Wordpress. But if you are interested, I can create a new video of how I use Thrive Leads from Thrive Suite.

Bonus Q&A: 8/24

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