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Is your business goal to empower women? 

A part the collection is what many refer to as a bundle, but it's so much more. I'm putting together a collection of products, webinars and LIVES to help women be bold in their life. I want them to take action and get out of their comfort zones. They need to learn the keys to be more successful and happy...on their terms.

If creating more self-confidence in women is your passion, I'd love to partner up with you.

If you'd like to give a webinar, have me interview you or chat live about a topic, please contact me and let's go over your topic. I'll be doing some recordings as well, so if evenings don't work we'll find something that does.

The Bold Life Collection will be on sale for $26 from July 9th-15th.

Please have submissions in by June 30th, so I have time to review your product make it look great on the sales page.

I ask that your product not be given away anywhere on your site or have been offered in multiple bundles already. You can include a product you currently have on your site or create something completely unique. I also ask that you promote the bundle a minimum of once to your list(s), but you will surely want to do more than that. Sign up to be an AFFILIATE and you will earn 50% commission from all sales you send to the collection.

I will be opening a Facebook group for all buyers and contributors to join and interact in. Making this a truly unique way to engage with the women downloading your product.

If you are using a coupon, please use code BOLD519


I can't wait to partner with you!

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