It's for you! 

The holidays are here and it's time to celebrate!

Ruthie and Val decided to kick off this season full of giving. We want to thank those in our wonderful communities and spread that gratitude to others.

Sorry you missed it.

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Val's Challenge

Ruthie's amazing planner


We're Giving To You!

For one, we both want to gift you with things we know will help you.

Val knows you want to take what you are doing and freaking make some moolah right? So you will gain access immediately to her mini-challenge and guide to make that happen.

Ruthie is the queen of beautiful planners and LOVES bullet style planning. So of course she is gifting you a gorgeous planner you can use right now for yourself and also sell to your clients.

Our friends were an instant yes to spreading the gratitude to all of our hard-working entrepreneur communities.

We have gathered wonderful products for you to enjoy...without paying a penny.

Guess who?

Our Holiday Helpers

Pam Hamilton

Client Attraction Planner

Crystal Tosh & Amy Hartmann

Sorry you missed the event.

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How does the giveaway work?

Upon signing up for the event, you will get immediate access to a page with all the gifts listed.

For each gift you’re interested in, click the access button next to that gift. A second page will open to the holiday helper’s website with details on their giveaway gift and a sign-up box. 


Am I added to everyone's list?

No, you sign up for the only products you want and you will be on their lists to gain access. The only lists you are added to are Val Selby ( & Ruthie Bowers (