When Community Means Everything...

You Showcase Your Expertise!

  • Bring in your target market, ready to hear all you have to say about your niche.
  • Revisit current community members to make sure your branding is still on point.
  • Make sure you know exactly what you want to create, so you don't waste valuable time.
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Facebook Is A Dynamo For Finding Your Community Quickly.

The goal as a business owner is to create a community of people that crave more information from us. Facebook groups are amazing for bringing in those people, but only if we set them up to attract them.

With shares and coordination with our Business pages, Facebook makes it easy for us to be the expert in our niche. But even easy takes a plan.

Take The Self-Study Workshop

Dig in a bit and become the expert in your niche. What are the many things you bring to the table that make your business something to follow.

I've created the workbook that you can instantly download that will take you through the steps of creating your first Facebook group or revisiting your current groups and page to make sure they are the image you are wanting to share with the world.

The video is full of how your personality is what will make everything engageable!

Creating your facebook group training

Join The Workshop Now And Get:

  • Replay video
  • Confidence to put your personality into your group and page.
  • Workbook to use immediately to create and regularly evaluate your group and business page.
  • Tips that have helped me organically create a group of over 1700 that STILL has 95% engagement month after month after nearly 10 years.
  • Discount to BAM

Only $27!

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