WOOHOO! Let's do this!

I'm glad you are here for the Decluttering Your Biz Challenge.

Time for more confidence and creativity

Next Steps:

  1. 1
    Whitelist my email so you don't miss a thing. bosslady@valselby.com
  2. 2
    Schedule time each day for decluttering your biz. YOU know how bad it is, therefore you know how much time you need to set aside. If you've been in biz 10 years and rarely organized...you know damn well 15 minutes a day is not going to get it done lol BE REALISTIC
  3. 3
    Join the group. We'll be chatting and commiserating over at Female Entrepreneurs Get Giz Done. The daily challenges will be delivered via email, but it's always nice to chat and get ideas from other biz owners. I do not teach that my way is the only way. 

While you wait...listen to the latest on the podcast.

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