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Dear Fellow Boss Lady,

Have you been told that you’re too much, or not enough? Are you tired of giving your power to people that don’t matter? You can build your business without changing a thing about yourself.

You just need to believe it.

Your Business, Your Way

People always have an opinion about what you’re doing. Especially family members who think they’re being helpful. If you’ve had complete strangers give you more support with your business than your own family, you know what I mean. It hurts when people close to you don’t believe in you.

Sometimes it’s because they gave up on their dreams a long time ago. But you don’t have to.

It’s ok to want more for yourself. It’s ok if people don’t understand your path. You can pursue what you want in your business without anyone’s approval.

It’s a big world out there and it’s waiting for you to take action. It’s time to share your talent, skills, and knowledge. And you can do it without holding back who you are.

You’ll finally get to where you want to be and you won’t have to change yourself to do it.

And you won’t feel like crying inside anymore from giving up on your dreams.

How Coaching With Me is Different

Does meeting your biz goals seem harder than you thought? Do you feel like you should be farther along? Do you wonder why you’re still on the struggle bus?

I’ve had my share of struggles too but things are different now.  The failures I experienced in the past have made me who I am today.

I used to think I struggled because something was wrong with me. I felt like I  needed to change something about myself.

Two decades online has made me realize it’s the opposite. By embracing my true self, I’ve learned how to use it to my advantage.

Once I stopped doubting myself and made the decision to get my mindset right, things started falling into place. I wasn’t struggling anymore and felt more confident. And I stopped giving a damn about what people were saying about me.

I don’t define my value by someone else’s opinion anymore. I’ve had to cut toxic people out. It was hard but necessary to move forward. I decided that only those who have my back get to be in my life.

I’m proud of how far I’ve come, and I love helping my group members create a new mindset that supports their dreams. It’s an amazing feeling to stop settling for less than you deserve.

I’ve realized success is not just for other people. All it takes is a belief in yourself and the right mindset.

Boss Action members are noticed for their successes. You won’t hear me telling you your way is wrong. I’ll celebrate your wins and we’ll figure out how to do more of what is working.

I always focus on the positive.

Get Out of Your Head

Whether you’re a new business owner or have been building a business for years, you’ll fit in with Boss Action. Mastering mindset is something we all need to do, no matter what niche you’re in.

You’ll find the more you put yourself out there, the more comfortable you feel. And the inner confidence that you build will help you care less about what other people think.

You’ll stop sabotaging your success and losing focus.

If you want to get past your roadblocks that keep you stuck, then Boss Action Membership is for you. 

You’ll Gain: 

  • Clarity on what you want from your business
  • Understanding on the steps to get there
  • Encouragement to push past your comfort zone
  • Confidence  you know what you’re talking about

You’ll Feel:

  • Excited about your business again
  • Inspired to reach goals you had only dreamed about

Move Forward Authentically With Boss Action

Have you ever watched a live training with a coach, and instead of feeling better, you felt worse? Or felt like you were the only one not killing it online?

We see the Facebook “highlight reels” and think there’s something wrong with us.  

That everyone else has the secret-sauce. Most of the time, it doesn’t paint an accurate picture.

In Boss Mindset, there’s no pretending, and that includes me.

Nothing is off the table. We get real. And when I say “we,” I mean “me” as well. I don’t show up with perfect nails, hair, and makeup. I’m not dressing to impress.

You won’t hear me telling you what defines your success. Maybe it’s thousands of followers or a six-figure bank account. You get to decide what it looks like for you.

How you run your business is your business and there’s no one way to do it.

I’ve Done the Work and You Can Too

I’ve worked through a lot over the past two decades with various businesses. I’ve tried, learned, failed, and tried again. I don’t put my hopes and dreams last anymore.

I don’t hide who I am and feel comfortable in my own skin. I’ve learned how to embrace my big personality and it’s helped me attract the right people.

I’ll help you break free from negative patterns like self-doubt, imposter syndrome, fear of failure, and procrastination. We’ll tackle the mindset issues that keep you from making real progress.

Once you decide to take control of your thoughts and attitudes, you can create whatever you want in your business and life. I’ll always be working towards goals but I’ve figured out the mindset part.  

You’ll Feel the Difference

You need a relatable coach and that’s me. If you’re a newbie, you won’t be intimidated. If you’ve been around awhile, I welcome your input. The group is a mix of new and experienced entrepreneurs.

We figure things out together. We find common ground and own who we are.

You’ll want to show up because you’ll feel completely supported. You’ll have a new mindset and feel excited about building your business.    

What’s included in Boss Action Membership

For only $67 a month, you get:

Live Access

This includes weekly Zoom meetings where we talk about goal setting. Engage with me and get your questions answered. I’m an open book, and nothing is off the table. You’ll discover how big a role mindset has in the success of your business.

We meet on Wednesdays at 11am PT

Private Facebook Group

This is for networking with me and other biz owners. I’ll share my lessons from over two decades in the online biz world. You’ll gain new takeaways on how to take your business to the next level.

Build Relationships in a Supportive Environment

Share your wins with others. Celebrate and be celebrated for the positive steps you’ve taken to move forward. You’ll realize that every step that brings you closer to your goal is an accomplishment.

What I Ask of You

One word. Share. Share with me what you’re going through. Tell me your biggest hurdle when it comes to moving your business forward.

What is working? What do you need help with? How do you want to expand on what you’re doing now?

Sharing goals gets easier when you have the mindset to reach them.  

Say Yes to Boss Action Membership

Are you ready to create your bold life with a new mindset? To confidently go after your biz goals until you achieve them? It’s time to level up your business for success.

Let’s share your inner badass with the world. Together.

If you’re ready to live up to your potential, you’re ready for Boss Action Membership.

P.S. I want your decision to join to be risk-free. That’s why I’m including a 7-day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee.

I'd love to see you in our next meeting!

What Our Members Are Saying

sarah wall xera support

Sarah Wall

It's like getting a personal coach!

The community that Val has created, the support she offers, the amazing free products she creates for us -- it's invaluable. It's like having a personal coach and a cheerleading squad and a test audience all in one. Val takes the time to get to know each of her members and knows our businesses in and out. And she's not afraid to share her own challenges, which makes her all the more relatable.

shana spears

Shana Spears

Boss Action is such a friendly, open, and safe place to share my roadblocks and get encouragement. Val is excellent at creating an environment where I feel like I've been friends with the people in the Boss Mindset my whole life. This allows me to be free to share what I struggle with and get feedback and encouragement to work through whatever the issue is to be able to move forward. Val believes in celebrating every move forward, large or small. She views celebration as an integral part of being able to rise above the struggles and move forward even when it is hard. Val is very generous with her time and her resources. She provides an amazing topic-focused report each month to give us information related to our focus for the month. I am more than blessed to be part of Val's Boss Mindset.

janna skroch I create my life today

Janna Skroch

I absolutely LOVE having Val as my business coach! I'm a newbie to email/content marketing. I've been "playing around" with it for almost a decade and not really getting anywhere on my own. Val can sort out all of my wants, needs, and ideas and create a working checklist that will get it ALL done (providing I do my part). It is SO exciting to see my online dreams finally coming true!