I Know You Are Ready To Uplevel Your Business

Tools and mindset work hand in hand to create the business of your dreams and live the freedom lifestyle.

I'm putting together ideas for a Live Event in Seattle. If you are interested in more info, please add your name and email for the upcoming details.

Why Live?

The information at a live event is amazing, but the after hours conversations are priceless. All of it together creates a unique experience. So why would you sign up for more info?

  • Be first to know the dates and get the best ticket prices. VIP could sell out before it even goes public.
  • Networking! Nuff said am I right?
  • Learn from business owners that know the roller coaster of entrepreneurship.

Mindset owns your business and understanding that will improve your success.

I want to create the environment where we can talk openly about our struggles and triumphs as we learn new tools.

Val Selby


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