Take Time Away

From Your Biz


The quickest way to destroy your biz is overworking.

I'm glad you made your way over here from the Laptop Lifestyle Giveaway.

It means you are invested in creating your best life and that is my jam!

Are you asking yourself these questions?

Why are you working for yourself?

You wanted to create a lifestyle that gave you freedom. Time to take a hard look at how that freedom is working for you right now.

Does not working cause you guilt?

Your biz is a part of you and for better or worse, it's part of your identity. It's the entrepreneur mindset. What are you telling yourself about the hours you put in?

can you see the light at the end of the work tunnel?

My biz has grown immensely because I take more time off than ever before. I prioritize. I recharge. I DROPPED THE CRAP that doesn't matter.

Most important, I want you to put yourself first.

Start creating the life you dreamed of.

The life you envisioned would give you freedom.

Download the Take Time Away From Your Biz Guide

time away from biz guide

Hey! I'm Val

Proud Sharer of All Things

There's a big reason I talk about what I talk about. It's something I've gone through and learned from. One of my favorite things to do is share my experiences so you can grab things that will work for you and not have to dwell in issues as long as I have at times.

I have been online since 2000, so I have a lot of working online and balancing life experience. lol