Today You Choose To Move Your Biz Forward

The only thing in the way of your biz growth is you and that stops today.

I'm ready to help you push through the roadblocks.

It's time to think like a boss, instead of an employee.

It's all about


Imposter syndrome, procrastination, self-doubt, lack of focus...any of that sound familiar?

These are part of being human and we all go through it. The mental roadblocks create spots that make you question everything you are doing. 

But you have the choice to own that it's happening and create the life YOU want to live.

Time for


The difference in your biz and others is that you will push yourself and take action.

No more choosing to be stuck.

Today you are choosing to do the work and step forward.

I'm here to help you decide what that step is.

The Boss Mindset Membership is currently closed, but get on the waitlist and I'll let you know when it's rarin' to go!

Some of how it happens:

Weekly Meeting

I feel it's important to get together weekly and check in before roadblocks dig in deep. Each week I'm available in our meeting for coaching. Bring your questions and always share your celebrations!


Tech, tactics, mindset, what more could you want in a biz membership!

Self-study area to grab workshops & join challenges you need right this minute.

Monthly Guest Expert

I am not an expert at everything. But after over 20 years of being online, you better believe I know someone that can really dig into different topics and tech.

Each month I invite a guest to speak on a topic that is popping up from the group.

Regular Work Parties

Have a project you're neglecting or just need to set aside time to work "behind the scenes"?

Join our quarterly co-working session and gain access to me and other professionals in the group for help with anything AS you are working on it.

What will you gain by joining?

  • Clarity on what you want in your biz
  • Focus on the steps to get there
  • Confidence that you know your shit
  • Encouragement to move forward when it gets uncomfortable

What kind of impact would all of that have on your business?

You know you could hit your dream goals if your mindset was aligned.

Some workshops currently in the resource area:

Hey, I'm Val

Mindset Coach

One thing I know for a fact: Mindset owns your biz

Every business I've succeeded or “failed” at over the last two decades can be directly correlated to my mindset.

Owning my big personality was one of the best things I ever did for my business. I spent years floundering because I was trying to copy what was working for others and being who I thought I was supposed to be. It made me stay and play small. I knew if I went bigger then everyone would figure out I'm not this calm, cool, collected woman that has her shiznit together at all times.

But that's the thing...I'm not all together. Not even close lol And that is ok.

Be authentic so you can create what you want in your life.

What Our Members Are Saying

Biz Mindset is such a friendly, open, and safe place to share my roadblocks and get encouragement. Val is excellent at creating an environment where I feel like I've been friends with the people in the mastermind my whole life. This allows me to be free to share what I struggle with and get feedback and encouragement to work through whatever the issue is to be able to move forward. Val believes in celebrating every move forward, large or small. She views celebration as an integral part of being able to rise above the struggles and move forward even when it is hard. Val is very generous with her time and her resources.

shana spears

Shana Spears

The community that Val has created, the support she offers, the amazing products she creates for us -- it's invaluable. It's like having a personal coach and a cheerleading squad and a test audience all in one. Val takes the time to get to know each of her community members and knows our businesses in and out. And she's not afraid to share her own challenges, which makes her all the more relatable.

sarah wall xera support

Sarah Wall

Membership Includes

Here's the nitty-gritty of what you get as a Boss Mindset Member...

Weekly meeting (recording available)

Meet with us every Tuesday at 9am PT. (meeting is moving to Wednesdays starting in May)

Workshops & Challenges

You gain access to self-study workshops you can take any time to improve your business.

Network in the private group

Set your goals for the week and check in. Our private Facebook group is there for you to network and ask me questions any time.

Quarterly workparties to hyperfocus on something in your biz

I find workparties super productive and I know you will too. Meet in zoom and tell the other members what your goal for completion is. We'll all celebrate what we get done.

Monthly guest expert

I know a LOT of awesome experts. Each month I will bring in a guest to talk about their topic of expertise to help you improve in more areas.

What Makes This Membership Different


I'm a firm believer in celebrating all moves forward. It's important to take a look at what you've accomplished instead of quickly moving on the next goal.

The little things grow your confidence which leads to bigger and bigger. SNOWBALL AFFECT!


You get access to my brain and experience when you start coaching with me in the Biz Mindset.

I'm a sharer by nature. This means you get to learn from my 22 years online. You benefit from all the mindset work I started doing a few years ago when I realized the only thing holding back my business was me and it was time to change that.

You will never hear, my way is the only way.

Weekly meeting

I personally have a hard time remembering what day of the week it is, let alone if it's meeting week or not.

No need to track that, we meet every Tuesday so you can build that habit of checking in & celebrating in person.

Bring your questions, roadblocks and especially those celebrations. 

Monthly or Yearly?

Make the right commitment to you & your biz


Money Back Guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee

Because I believe in the benefits of the membership for you and your business, I offer an easy guarantee to make this totally risk-free for you. Enroll today and you have my 7-day money back guarantee.

No hoops, no shaming you, just a quick refund of your membership when you ask.

I believe 100% in the changes the biz mindset membership will have for you, so I like to keep it simple!

Enroll today and get full access to everything. Take 7 days to go through the trainings, try things out, connect with the community and join live sessions.

If you don’t think this is for you, just send me an email ( and I’ll refund your subscription. Easy Peasy.


Is this right for me?

If you have a business started then this membership will be a fit. We have a mix of new and long term entrepreneurs in the group.

Mindset and action are required no matter how long you've been in business. If you are looking to get a business started then you may want to check out my 12 program before joining the membership.

How long am I required to be a member?

There is no membership length requirement. Choose month to month and you can cancel any time through your membership area or by emailing us. I'll be sorry to see you go, but promise to make it easy and convenient. I understand that when you are done with a membership and ready to move on it should be easy.

Is this geared towards my biz?

Mindset is mindset no matter what niche you are in. You will be taking the action that will improve your business. You will have access to the workshops that you believe will fit your biz.

The membership is made up of coaches, service providers, PLR biz's, and more.

What access do I have to Coach Val?

Each weekly meeting includes coaching directly with me. Just as you bring your celebrations, you shall bring your questions. I have an hour set aside, but we will continue until all questions are answered. No roadblocks or issues will be ignored.

The membership also includes a private group to tag me anytime and ask questions. This is also an excellent way to get feedback from others in the group with expertise in different areas!

What if I can't make the weekly meeting?

There is no perfect time to set for meetings when we have members from around the world. Especially when I am west coast. lol While you will get the most benefit out of attending live, I will record the weekly meeting and have a replay available for you in the members area.