Head Into 2nd Quarter Like a Flower Exploding Into Spring!

The weather is changing and the sun is calling. Make sure your biz is creating the life of your dreams.

Take Your Biz To The Next Level

With the start of Spring comes a new sense of motivation and the knowledge that you indeed can hit higher levels.

Open the windows and let the fresh air in. Then see how you can tackle your goals with renewed energy as you access the gifts from our experts.

As a business coach that specializes more in your mindset to create action in your business, I know you can use learning as an excuse to be stuck.

Which is why...

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declutter your biz challenge

Access to my Declutter Your Biz Challenge

Spring cleaning isn't just for vacumming up the dust bunnies.

I'm not a clean freak, but even I realize when I've let things get out of control in the biz clutter department.

Emails, files, heck, even my website need to be decluttered a couple of times a year so I can stay productive.

Join the giveaway and get access to my 5 day challenge where you'll do a little each day to get your biz space decluttered, so you can gain back your creativity.

Value $47

License: Personal Use

Gifts You Can Use Now

My friends and I know that the power is in the implementation which is why the Spring Into Action Giveaway is a nice, comfy size.

Whether you need help with content, visibility, making sure your website is accessible, or even making new products for your site, we have a gift for you.

You do not want to miss this!


You missed out!

Giveaway ends March 24, 2023

Expert gifts

You Gain Access To All Of These...

Thank you to Jennifer Dunham of Time, Money & Happiness for her $197 gift of the...

Content Management Bootcamp - How to Build your Content Creation System!

Supercharge Your Content Results with a Focused System and Strategy!

Examine time-saving methods to repurpose content to engage visitors so that, at last, your content will be working for you and not against you.

Plan out the most important areas where you need to create new content and use a process that streamlines your content creation.

License: Personal Use

Founder of Time, Money & Happiness Matters, Jennifer is the queen of getting more done in less time. Her coaching programs are rooted in her Information Technology background. She helps entrepreneurs create their Client Attraction System while keeping things simple, leveraging their expertise, and taking consistent action.

She’s a huge believer in automation, habits, repeatable processes, and streamlining time to reduce overwhelm so you can focus on what matters most. She teaches her clients to find more time, make more money and increase their happiness.

Martha Wilson

Value $497

CIA Spy Secrets To Making Goals Work For You

This 3-part mini-course will help you…

  • Clear your head and set powerful goals with confidence.
  • De-bug your inner GPS so you take consistent, meaningful action.
  • Turn down the stress of putting yourself out there so you keep moving forward no matter what life throws your way.

License: Personal Use

Center for strategic change

Value $97

Guide to Strategic Planning

Spring into action using strategic planning to grow your business. Strategic planning helps you clarify and prioritize your strategic initiatives, stay focused on them, and take action. This "Guide to Strategic Planning" offers short, practical articles on topics such as "Reasons Smart Companies Use Strategic Planning," "Street-wise Tips to Make Strategic Planning Work for Your Business," "Using Strategic Thinking to Build a Sustainable Business," "Creating Your Game Plan," and more.

License: Personal Use

colin yearwood

Value $197

The Revenue-Boosting Workshop For Coaches

Join the Revenue Boosting Workshop tailored for Coaches ready to take their business to the next level. This workshop provides proven strategies to help you attract and enroll more paid clients within 30 days. Discover four effective places to find potential clients, and learn how to implement these strategies through interactive exercises, role plays, and case studies.

License: Personal Use

Firetalker PR

Value $47

20 Tips to Get Visibile Starting Now

Are you an entrepreneur/small business owner, speaker, or author who wants to be the go-to expert the media is clamoring for? Need help figuring out where to begin?

The solution is to get "The 20 Tips to Get Visible Starting Now" download, which will get you on the path to visibility, credibility, and profitability - we want you smokin' hot, not the one they forgot!

License: Personal Use

Yasmin vorajee

Value $361

Big Results Book Bundle

The Big Results Book Bundle is the perfect place to start your journey to hitting 3-5k months (and beyond) working 20 hours a week or less.

The bundle includes a digital copy of the bestseller, Tiny Time Big Results, a 5-module Client Attraction Bootcamp, 14 day planner PLUS a monthly live coaching call with Yasmin (total value €297)

License: Personal Use

Creative Repurposing

Value $27

5 Products To Create With Coloring Patterns

Wondering what to do with all those coloring patterns you have collected? Wonder no more!

In this recorded mini masterclass, I will share with you 5 easy products you can create using coloring patterns.

License: Personal Use


Value $30

Manifestation – Affirmation Journal & Coloring Book

Manifestation Affirmation Journal & Coloring Book is designed to help you start a new conversation with the voice inside your head in order to manifest your dreams.

This simple coloring book featuring positive affirmations, and lined journal pages is designed to invite new thoughts.

License: Personal Use

Mighty marketing mojo

Value $17

Fix Your Freebie

Your email opt-in gift may be missing the mark and you aren’t building a community with your ideal clients or customers. Fix that fast!

Get my short (and dare I say, focused!) cheat-sheet with 8 Tips for Fixing an Unfocused Freebie – So You can Attract and Convert More Customers - plus a bonus video!

License: Personal Use

Digitally made for you

Value $17

Easy Peasy Accessibility

Let's face it, you don't want to be spending hours reading up about accessibility when you already have a neverending to-do list. You just want to do what you love doing, whether that's creating content or digital products, or providing services - but it NEEDS to be accessible!

Take my no-fluff 5-day email challenge, Easy Peasy Accessibility and I'll show you how easy it is to implement accessibility.

License: Personal Use

Teal ribbon templates

Value $19

Kid's Printable Themes and Canva Templates

Having trouble coming up with themes for your kid's printables? I've gotcha covered with 130 themes to inspire your next set of printable products for kids.

You'll also get Canva templates for popular kid's printables with personal and commercial use licenses, so you can create your own printables to sell!

License: PLR

A Style Photography

Value $10

Flower Inspiration Quote Photos

Beautiful flower images in an array of colors with inspirational quotes sure to help your social media no matter the niche.

Set up your social media accounts to look like Spring!

License: Personal Use


Value $17

Free Safari Blooms Undated Monthly Planner

Get a 13 page monthly commercial planner now! Included is a belongs to page, journal page, 12 month calendar, and a cute cover.

Make free money now with this adorable PowerPoint planner template!

License: PLR

the unpopular mom

Value $37

DFY Online Store Owner's Planner PLR

You will enjoy using this online store owner's planner yourself, as well as enjoying the profits from it to!

You could use it in conjunction with other business PLR products to help your customers organize 2023 to make it the best year ever for their business! You don't have to be a designer to sell pretty planners!

License: PLR

Tarafied Publishing, LLC

Value $9.99

Reactivate Your Life Journal

3 easy steps:

Identifying activities to increase.

Tracking stressors, triggers and thoughts.

Defining your core focus and developing multiple solutions for implementation.

Let's reactivate your life!

License: Personal Use


Val Selby  Business Mindset Coach

Val Selby is a Mindset Motivator that specializes in helping female entrepreneurs embrace their personality and use it to improve their business. She leads them to push through the doubts, recognize the self-sabotage and create a community of raving fans that crave their expertise.

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