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Spring Into Action Giveaway!

March 20-24, 2023

Interest form due by March 3rd
Full submission due March 10th


Why collaborate with me

I've been consulting and managing extremely, successful online events for clients since 2018. 

I have a system in place for making this easy-peasy for you to join and promote. PLUS I have 1000's of contacts I reach out to so we are changing up who is in the giveaways.

There are 3 basic steps.

Join & Get Approved

Sign up below for the spot you would like to join. Then immediately fill out the interest form so we can review your gift idea. We want to make sure we have a diverse selection of products. Once approved we will get you the information for full submission. 

Promote Giveaway

Please make sure you are NOT in any other events during the giveaway dates of March 20-24 and haven't burned your list out promoting other events. It takes all of us promoting for the event to be a success.


After the event I'm going to want to hear your numbers and I'll share the events numbers. This will help us both take a look at where things need improved and how you can get your conversions up.


  • Affiliate link to promote the event & earn commission from my upsells.
  • Emails, social media swipes, & personalized graphics for promotion.
  • Option to upgrade to premium spot on access page and/or have your product included in a solo email to giveaway sign-ups. 


We'll Deliver

What I'm Looking For From You...

Workshops, courses, checklists, DIY products, etc that are geared towards helping entrepreneurs take action in their business.

  • Excellent converting product. If you have a great opt-in you are encouraged to use that.
  • Easy-peasy sign up page for our new subscribers to grab your gift. 
  • Great graphic to showcase your product.
  • Engaged list of 2000+.
  • Two solo emails sent to your FULL list between March 20-24.
  • Your product completely set up and ready for testing before the submission date of February 20th.

Grab Premium

Be highlighted in the giveaway

#1 spot on access page & highlighted in email #2

Be the first product they see on the gift page which means more conversions. This also includes your direct link to your product included on the second email that goes out to the new subscribers to the giveaway.


Your product highlighted in email #3, 4 or 5

Two businesses will have their direct gift link included and highlighted in either email 3, 4, or 5 that go out to the new giveaway subscribers.


I look forward to collaborating with you and all of us growing our businesses.

I will be highlighting the premium members and sending the new subscribers to access all of our products. Please keep your sign up forms available through March 30th.

Join us now and secure your spot.


Grow Your List

Want to earn affiliate commission from my upsell? It's so easy! Just approve me in your affiliate program and I'll use that link for them to grab your gift. I'll set your affiliate link up in my account to be the one you share for the giveaway. Collaboration for sales.

Interest forms need to be turned in immediately after signing up so I can make sure the giveaway has diverse products. It's ok if you won't know the exact name of your product, give us a good idea of what it will be. Refunds will be given if it's not a good fit for the event.

Full submissions are required to be in by midnight ET March 10th. They must be 100% ready to go at time of submission.

Once you are approved to join the giveaway, no refunds will be given.

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