A Focal Point for Business

The last two years has been a lot of focusing, selling off the extra and building up things that are working. It’s been an awesome two years of growth and coming back to sites that I let sit too long or never used. This is one that will start to go under construction so it can be the hub of where you’ll find me. Pointing you to my different sites and resources I can’t do business without.

The last 8 months were a big kick in the butt with major changes on a site and a lot more traffic on another site. It brought to my attention how spread out I’d become and just how much dead weight I was carrying. Getting rid of some sites has been the best thing ever and I’ve become more productive with each site gone. Plus they have brought around some great networking partners.

Focal Point of My Biz

Yes, I’ve had this site custom designed and up for years now. I’ll have to look as to how long. But I know at least the last 3 years because this is the domain I run my resale account through.

I’m bound and determined to point my many sites and blogs through here. A big reason is I’m tired of the spam. This site is my namesake and such a cute design. It deserves better than to be hit up by the spam all day and night with no help. It needs plug ins to protect it and help it grow.

I guess it will truly become a piece of me as it’s going to point to all my sites with descriptions. No holds barred on sending you to them. However, I will keep the posts here more PG. I know I can’t promise G rated as that is just not my style.

It will probably be another week as I have two new VA clients to get set up and other blog posts to get scheduled. Then I promise to be back and pushing this forward. I mean the domain alone is ancient like me 😉

End of the Year Reflections

You can tell it’s time for the end of the year and the start of the new.  It always brings around a lot of reflection.  Business and personal alike.

One thing that always annoys me is I haven’t figured out what to do with this site.  It will always remain as it’s specially designed for me and I love the design, plus I have my main account through it which is my resellers account.  So my hosting clients would like this domain to stay open as well.

I guess the main problem I always have is this doesn’t need to be a personal site I have that already at Busy Momma. I have a general business site/blog at Working WAHM. Then I have other sites that are more towards niches. So where does that leave this site?

I’ve thought that leaves this site/blog more of a catch all showing everything I have. Listing my sites, setting up updates to other sites I own. But that’s weird to me as I’m used to niche sites. So I guess we’ll probably just wait and see. But for now it just kind of ticks me off sitting here unattended and catching spam. It just seems like a waste and I hate wasting things. lol

What’s it for?

This blog will be a complete listing of what my sites are.  I needed one spot to put everything.  I know sometimes it is difficult for others to keep track of all I do.  It’s hard enough for myself at times.

I haven’t quite figured out how this blog will work.  I do want to keep it as my business sites, so my personal blogs won’t be linked to here and I will try to keep out my personal experiences as well.  I’m thinking that any specials will go on here especially advertising for other WAHM’s in my newsletters and sites.

It could end up being a big surprise when I figure this blog out.  Stay tuned to see what happens!