You want to enjoy the life you've created...

I promise you 

there is so much more to come!

It's time to believe in yourself

When your self-esteem begins to rise, you realize you have exciting opportunities and experiences waiting for you. How do you get from where you are today to that bright, shiny future?

time to believe in yourself

I believe you are a priority.

You've built a life you are proud of and now it's time for you.

val selby

My Mission

To assist you as you give yourself permission to do all the things you have dreamed about.

There is still plenty of time to accomplish your dreams!

Work With Me

Focusing on YOU is the best gift you can ever give yourself.

You've put everyone else first. Work with me now to become a priority in your own life.

what do i want workshop

What Do I Want? workshop

Forgotten dreams can be found again. Let's explore where your next steps should take you.

you are worth time invested

Private Coaching

Spinning in circles and not moving forward is frustrating. I'm here to help you.

Visit the

life purpose

Don’t Live In Mediocrity

“You’re not just deferring your dreams, you’re missing out on your next great purpose in life!”

I believe you are never too old to go for any goal.

You still have decades left and you don’t want to live them out in mediocrity. What a waste!

can't please others

we all crave approval

If you’re passive and go along with what everyone else wants, you may temporarily feel good because you received validation. But, the next day, the whole process starts again. That’s an exhausting way to live.

how about them bdays

How About Them Birthdays?

Age is just a number to me and I have no issue with growing a year old. Sure some years have made me reflect more and ask myself questions, it’s never a WHOA IS ME, I’M OLD. Even today when I woke up and my back was tweaked. We laughed because it was like my body was telling me “Happy birthday ya old bitch” lol

What Others Say


I wish I had found you when I was a young firewife with a bunch of kids, running around like a crazy person because he was gone so often.?

Instead I found you later and rather than helping me navigate those early years you helped me come to terms with the last years of his career.



I am glad Val is a leader, she has helped me by giving me challenges to push myself. She is smart and down to Earth. Being in charge I thought she would be hard to talk with, but so not true. She is willing to help us all. She also has lots of resources if we need anything.



I'm thankful for the workshops Val Selby puts on. She's really helped me think things through and make some real changes in my life. I'm calmer and happier and things are definitely looking up.


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