Who the Hell Are You Talking To?

Have you put off figuring out your ideal customer or client because there is so much stuff that is more important?

You are telling yourself a line of BS. There is nothing more important than figuring out who your target market.


You can not connect with them if you don't speak directly to them.

It's so important that I'm gifting you this 20 minute mini-class. Now go do it!

who the hell are you talking to? Ideal client mini class

Finding Your People Is Amazeballs

People buy from people they know, trust, and connect with.

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January 31, 2023

We all have those moments where our brain tells us we’re doing too much and we end up feeling overwhelmed. It’s those little voices that say we can’t handle it all, that we’re procrastinators, and that we’re going to fail. Those voices are self-sabotage and a rollercoaster ride that can leave us exhausted and frustrated.

January 24, 2023

Were you aware that Networking is a key part of running a successful business or community? We know “Networking” has become a word that most people avoid after Multi-Level Marketers made it uncomfortable and even intimidating. In the wake of MLM’s overusing and ruining the concept of networking, Val Selby seems to have cracked the

January 17, 2023

Have you chosen your “Word of the Year” yet? Maybe you’ve decided that it isn’t something you are going to do this year – that’s fine, but listen in to what Val has to offer about choosing your “Word of the Year”. Your word isn’t always something that you sit and contemplate for days or

January 10, 2023

If you focus on just three of the most important tasks in your business, you will stay hyper-focused. You’ll stop procrastinating; you’ll know exactly what you need to do for the day, and you’ll be so excited, you’ll get it done! Can it really be that simple? Yup! Just focus on the basics! Having a plan

January 3, 2023

What are you excited about for 2023? Val is back and ready to crush 2023 by following a few simple steps. Awareness of what you are doing, stopping the “shoulds” and “coulds,” and then getting back to the basics. Be more mindful of what’s on your list and what really is a priority. Sometimes those

December 27, 2022

When was the last time you sat down and reflected on the past year in your business? Is this something that you do regularly at year’s end? Or is this something you’ve never done? Today, Val is talking about the importance of setting and achieving goals and realizing those small goals you’ve reached. Sometimes in

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My Goal

To get you realizing how much you are holding yourself back.

Why? Because I had to do the work to stop myself from doing it!

Work With Me

Focusing on what you bring to your business is key to setting you up as the expert.

I'm here to help you see that your personality is what will help your community engage more and crave more from you.

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Facebook Group Workshop

Creating more engagement is what we all are looking for in our business. This self-study workshop will have your group set up for braggable engagement!

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Bold Entrepreneurs Mastermind

A mastermind is a collective of amazing people that deeply connect.

Our mastermind group is amazing and I'm looking to create a second one. Want more info? Fill out the form.

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