Who the Hell Are You Talking To?

Have you put off figuring out your ideal customer or client because there is so much stuff that is more important?

You are telling yourself a line of BS. There is nothing more important than figuring out who your target market.


You can not connect with them if you don't speak directly to them.

It's so important that I'm gifting you this 20 minute mini-class. Now go do it!

who the hell are you talking to? Ideal client mini class

Finding Your People Is Amazeballs

People buy from people they know, trust, and connect with.

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September 20, 2022

Declutter your Biz challenge isn’t just about decluttering your digital files. It’s about decluttering the space around you too. You know you are ready for a deep declutter when you find yourself doing other tasks you usually hate to do. You know, the bathrooms are clean, and the house is spotless and vacuumed… that’s when it’s time

September 13, 2022

What have you done in the past that you can bring back into your life? Anything that needs revisiting? How about a rewrite or maybe a complete overhaul? We often think that we need to move forward, and continue with something new. But that’s not always the case. Sometimes stopping to reflect on those things we have a

September 6, 2022

I am open to possibilities. I am grateful for awareness. I am me and I’m not sorry. How often have you found yourself starting the conversation with “I’m sorry…”? We are so conditioned to start a conversation this way but are we really sorry? Sometimes you have to sit in your feelings, feel those “feels” and realize that

August 30, 2022

What expertise are you bringing to the table? Everyone has experience. Whether you’ve been in business for 1 year or 22 years, you’ve been growing and learning along the way. Have you tabled an idea that maybe might have some merit now? If you’ve been thinking about an old idea you had, it might be time to

August 23, 2022

What could possibly be holding you back in your business? Have you taken on other responsibilities? Perhaps you are a caregiver. You may be held back by others.  Time may be too tight for you, or your creativity is running wild. It’s always important to consider your own mental health. You must pay attention to each of

August 16, 2022

“How are you going to market yourself when you’re afraid to be seen?” That is the key question on Val Full Volume today.  Our guest on the show is Pam Hamilton, author of The Ten Principles of Visibility: Helping You Find the Courage to be Seen.  Years ago, Pam was painfully shy and had to

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My Goal

To get you realizing how much you are holding yourself back.

Why? Because I had to do the work to stop myself from doing it!

Work With Me

Focusing on what you bring to your business is key to setting you up as the expert.

I'm here to help you see that your personality is what will help your community engage more and crave more from you.

create an engaged community

Facebook Group Workshop

Creating more engagement is what we all are looking for in our business. This self-study workshop will have your group set up for braggable engagement!

building community mastermind

Bold Entrepreneurs Mastermind

A mastermind is a collective of amazing people that deeply connect.

Our mastermind group is amazing and I'm looking to create a second one. Want more info? Fill out the form.

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