We all have the same hours in a day.

Right now it's even more important to take control over the time you are spending on social media. Are you there pretending to work and only getting frustrated?

Use my free guide to take back your time!

control your time on social media guide

Community means everything.

People buy from people they know and trust.

There's only so much time in a day...

Spend it doing the things in your business that you love!

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stretch yourself challenge

Stop Playing Small

It's so easy to stay in our comfort zones. I can tell myself, “I'll just send out this little email and hope that the right

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business burnout

Signs Of Business Burnout

Ack, save your business! I've been working online for nearly two decades and burnout is a big issue for solopreneurs. I've totally battled it personally.

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val selby bold life

My Mission

To assist you in creating a community of followers that crave more information from you.

Work With Me

Focusing on what you bring to your business is key to setting you up as the expert.

I'm here to help you see that your personality is what will help your community engage more and crave more from you.

create an engaged community

Facebook Group Workshop

Creating more engagement is what we all are looking for in our business. This self-study workshop will have your group set up for braggable engagement!

building community mastermind

Building Community Mastermind

Create a community of raving fans that crave your expertise.

Join a small group of women that know the value of growing and engaged community.

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